Locker Locations

1. Drop

Place your laundry in any unlocked locker. Enter any 4-digit code to lock the locker.

2. Order

Place an order via our Android app or iPhone app or on our website. Select your address and locker number.

3. Pickup

When your order is ready to be picked up, we will send you a notification via the app, SMS, or email.
We’ll send you the locker number and code to open the locker and retrieve your clean order. Enjoy!


1. Checkout the location page for hours of operation and site-specific details.

2. First time user? Grab a bag from the front desk or use any bag with your name, phone number and email information inside.

3. We will return your order with a reusable garment bag for all future orders.

4. Special requests? Need a hem sewn? Include these notes on the order screen… we’ll take care of them.