How It Works

Locker Locations

Lockers inside building lobbies, parking garages, universities, and more. Get your dry cleaning and laundry done everywhere!


Servicing virtually every concierge desk in San Francisco and the East Bay.

24hr Public Stores

Located throughout San Francisco's best neighborhoods, our public stores are the ATM's of dry cleaning - you can visit 24/7.

@ Home

Want pickup and delivery to your doorstep at specific time that fits your schedule?

@ Work

Reward your workforce and eliminate the hassle of dry cleaning and laundry for your employees.


Locker Locations: 24 Hours**

Concierge:Next day*

24hr Public Stores:Next day*

@ Home:Next day*

@ Work:Next day*


Locker Locations:7am-7pm**

Concierge:24 hours

24hr Public Stores:24 hours

@ Home:9am-9pm

@ Work:9am-5pm


Locker Locations:+200


24hr Public Stores:7

@ Home:San Francisco

@ Work:San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Emeriville


Locker Locations:Public & Private


24hr Public Stores:Public

@ Home:All Homes Welcome

@ Work:Private

* All orders placed in the locker by 9am will be returned the following business day with the exception of special requests.

** Hours vary depending on type of location.